Protection Levels

Shield Strength: Exploring the Varied Protection Levels of Bullet-Resistant Glass

EN 1063 establishes levels of ballistic protection for transparent materials such as bulletproof glass. The levels range from BR1 to BR7, with each designation representing a specific resistance to bullet penetration. For instance, BR1 offers protection against handguns, while BR7 is designed to withstand armor-piercing ammunition. Dynamic Defense Solutions specializes in producing bulletproof glass that meets or exceeds these stringent EN 1063 standards, ensuring a comprehensive range of protection levels tailored to the diverse security needs of our clients. From personal vehicles to high-security facilities, our bulletproof glass offers a spectrum of defense, providing peace of mind in various threat scenarios.

ClassWeaponCaliberTypeWeight (g)Range (m)Velocity (m/s)Impact EnergyShots
BR1Handgun/Rifle.22 LRLB/RN2,6 ± 0,110,00 ± 0,5360 ± 10170 J3
BR2Handgun9×19mm ParabellumFJ/RN/SC8,0 ± 0,15,00 ± 0,5400 ± 10640 J3
BR3Handgun.357 MagnumFJ/CB/SC10,2 ± 0,15,00 ± 0,5430 ± 10940 J3
BR4Handgun.44 MagnumFJ/FN/SC15,6 ± 0,15,00 ± 0,5440 ± 101510 J3
BR5Rifle5.56×45mm NATOFJ/PB/SCP4,0 ± 0,110,00 ± 0,5950 ± 101800 J3
BR6Rifle7.62×51mm NATOFJ/PB/SC9,5 ± 0,110,00 ± 0,5830 ± 103270 J3
BR7Rifle7.62×51mm NATOFJ/PB/HC9,8 ± 0,110,00 ± 0,5820 ± 103290 J3
Bulletproof Glass Protection Levels

LB – Lead Bullet
FJ – Full Metal Jacket
FN – Flat Nose
RN – Round Nose
CB – Cone Bullet
PB – Pointed Bullet
SC – Soft Core (lead)
SCP – Soft Core (lead) & Steel Penetrator
HC – Hard core, steel hardness

The Art of Defense: Understanding the Significance of Bulletproof Glass Thickness

The thickness of bulletproof glass is a critical factor directly tied to the level of protection it provides. As per international standards like EN 1063, varying protection levels dictate specific thickness requirements. For instance, glass intended to resist handgun rounds will have a different thickness than that designed to withstand high-velocity rifle ammunition. Dynamic Defense Solutions meticulously tailors the thickness of our bulletproof glass to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring that clients receive a customized solution that aligns with their specific security needs. This nuanced approach to thickness is a testament to our commitment to delivering comprehensive and effective protection against a diverse range of ballistic threats.

Quality Assurance: Explore Bulletproof Glass Testing Samples for Unrivaled Security

Dynamic Defense Solutions takes pride in ensuring total customer satisfaction by offering free sample glasses for gun fire testing across various protection levels. Committed to transparency and quality assurance, we believe in allowing our clients to experience the superior performance of our bulletproof glass firsthand. These free samples serve as a testament to our dedication to delivering cutting-edge security solutions, providing clients with the confidence they need to make informed decisions about the level of protection required for their specific applications. At Dynamic Defense Solutions, customer satisfaction is at the forefront, and our free sample program is a testament to our commitment to excellence and transparency in the realm of ballistic protection.

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